Philippine Call Center Industry Soars High

Transnational Outsourcing Company

Transnational Outsourcing Company

By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

In the present day, the call center industry is considered as the fastest escalating employment provider for Filipino college graduates who seek jobs that have better income generation. Different surveys and studies by transnational call center executives show that Filipinos topped the statistics in terms of proficiency and career trainability for contact centers. That is why more foreign companies are allured to choose Philippines as their prime choice for offshore outsourcing destination aside from being affordable in terms of employment salary.

In the 2005 record of the Board of Investments (BOI), it shows that the call center industry has experienced an undisputed growth rate of 70 percent compared to the previous years of contact centers’ existence. This contributes to the diminishing rate of unemployment that the Philippine economy is facing currently.

In the recent subsistence of call centers, it shows that that industry has positive effects on almost all areas of the country, especially the National Capital Region, Baguio, Davao, Cebu and many other urbanized areas in the Philippines where there is a great demand for call center agents that are globally competitive and highly efficient in the contact industry.

During the second quarter of 2005, call center seats totaled around 69,000 with about 75,000 employed industry-wide. The Board of Investments estimates as many as 112,000 could be employed today. With this, the local industry could expect higher employment rate in the end of 2006 as many transnational outsourcing companies are urged by the local government to invest here.

In the recent reports made by call center executives world-wide, Philippines is catching up with the dominant contender which is India who ranked first, only in terms of workforce since Filipinos seem to be more trained, competitive, skilled, hardworking and most importantly, hospitable that make them better workers than Indians.

And in time, Filipinos, as foreign investors envision, could make it to the top as number one not just in Asia but also in the whole world as proven by the quality of work Filipinos show in the call center industry.

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