Top 10 e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing Companies
e-Commerce Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

The Philippines is considered to be one of the top call center destinations in the world with companies like OBPO and GlobalSky, known for cheaper wages, Filipinos’ social fondness with the West, and over a 100 million population that is fluent in the English language. The Philippines has manifested exceptional development in the business, becoming the number one destination for customer service outsourcing internationally.

The pandemic has caused a global downturn, but fortunately, this has brought the resurgence of the e-commerce and BPO industry to maintain and develop. Outsourcing your business can help keep up your production regardless of Covid19.

Philippines stands out amongst other nations, trusted to be one of the most reliable countries that offer e-commerce customer services outsourcing, you can anticipate secured and effective assistance from these BPO companies. Here are the top BPO companies in the Philippines that, regardless of the pandemic, has maintained its credibility.


OBPO is a BPO solutions company that offers inbound and outbound marketing and other call center services for clients in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. From 5 agents to over 300 employees, OBPO takes pride in their humble beginnings. OBPO’s customer service is anchored on the same customer-centric approach, which warrants a healthy and productive relationship with customers.


Global Sky is a call center in the Philippines that specializes in inbound call support, outbound telemarketing, and back-office support. The industries they cater to include travel, insurance, healthcare, and consumer industry.

For just about ten years, Global Sky has encircled their workers and customers with a culture of development and achievement. This climate has shaped Global Sky into one of the most desirable and friendly work environments in the Philippines.


Teletech is one of the largest BPO companies in the Philippines that specializes in customer experience. They offer numerous services for customer support, including omnichannel, contact center training, and fraud prevention.

Teletech is one of the biggest BPO companies in the Philippines that specializes in customer support experience. They offer various administrations for customer service, including omnichannel, contact center training, and fraud prevention.


Accenture is a leading global professional services company that provides a broad range of services in consulting and strategy, interactive, technology, and operations, with a digital edge across all of these services.

Accenture has clients in over 120 countries and is currently ranked the 36th most valuable brand in the world by Forbes. So, it’s no wonder that Accenture is regarded as one of the trusted BPO companies in the Philippines.

Telephilippines Inc.

Established in the year 1996, Telephilippines Inc. currently does business as Teleperformance Philippines. It is one of the nation’s driving suppliers of outsourced customer experience services and has just about 20 contact sites all over the country.

Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS)

DBOS is an Australian-owned and managed staffing company situated in the Philippines. DBOS makes outsourcing staffing an affordable option for small and medium businesses by providing compromised labor costs and personalized solutions aligned to the client’s goals. DBOS offers various services such as call center support, back-office functions, digital marketing, graphic and website design, software, and app development.

24/7 Customer Philippines Inc.

24/7 is considered one of the Philippines’ top BPO companies thanks to their quality and advanced AI solutions. 24/7’s AI provides customers with personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience. This company’s services are mostly used in industries such as finance, e-commerce, and customer service.

Sutherland Global Services Philippines Inc.

Sutherland is a global provider of world-class, analytics-driven business solutions and services. Considering this fact, it’s no surprise that Sutherland is ranked among the top BPO companies in the Philippines.

Sutherland offers services such as design, project management, and customer behavior analytics. These services are used by companies in industries such as retail, banking, and media.

Hewlett-Packard AP (Hong Kong)

Another huge global company is Hewlett-Packard AP. HP is considered one of the top BPO companies situated in the Philippines. It offers a variety of solutions to clients such as cloud, data, internet, and software design. HP’s services are typically used in industries such as manufacturing, health, and including the public sector.

Sitel Philippines Corporation

With these ten outsourcing centers mentioned across the Philippines, the Sitel Corporation is another BPO company that is considered one of the country’s most popular and most reliable. It offers services aligned to languages, customer service that expands to businesses of all sizes. Its services are used by companies across all industries, including travel, health, and retail.

Indeed, the Philippines provides proficient and well-trained telemarketing agents. In fact, the long history with the United States has produced Filipino agents with advanced knowledge of American culture and social norms.  Most agents employed at these customer service outsourcing companies already acquire English as a second language.

Many global companies have come to rely and trust on Filipino call centers for telemarketing, customer service, and other business process outsourcing services. This advantage minimizes communication barriers and assures that customers are in good hands. E-commerce customer service outsourcing is a truly big business in the Philippines.

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