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  • July 29, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Call Centers have various functions depending on the kind of company you are in to. The two kinds of this are Inbound call center or Outbound call center. Call centers makes (outbound) or receives (inbound) large number of calls on a company’s behalf. Apparently, this service can be a cost-effective alternative to building an in-house telemarketing organization. Outbound call centers are contact centers that make the calls to the phone users mainly to sell products. It is a common tool utilized by companies to create telemarketing calls. It makes customers well informed about a certain product that can be availed. It makes advertising more effective due to the presence of live interaction with the agent and the target customer. It will be more understandable for customers if they can ask queries over the phone than just seeing an advertisement. It is an effective tool for persuading potential clients to realize that a product is worth availing.
Outbound call centers can also be called telemarketing because it is a form of advertising a product or services in a more different way than we usually see advertisements because it uses live interaction over the phone between the agent and the potential customer.

This is usually a very complicated conversation from the very start since people don’t usually want to be called at home just to be offered with products because they think it would just be a waste of time listening to the agent discuss what the call is all about. That is why agents should be long-tempered and has the ability to deal with different kinds of people. On the other hand, Inbound call centers are contact centers that receive calls from clients mainly. Chiefly, these phone calls are made by customers who usually deal with dilemma or queries that he or she is facing at the moment about a product or services that he or she have just availed.

As all contact centers agents should expect, sometimes clients tend to be hot-tempered maybe because of the inefficient product availed or an ineffective service been rendered. Inbound call centers are also considered as customer care service since it deals with the problems involving the customers on the other line of the phone. It may also be complicated to have a well-organized conversation with the customers since many customers who call in customer service centers are person who complains about a certain product they bought or sometimes about an inefficient service that made them ill tempered. Mostly, these calls made and received are recorded by the company for evaluation purposes to ensure the efficiency of workers and to maintain high standards.


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