Case Studies

Inbound :  Fortune 50 Software ClientOne of the biggest software development companies in the world chose Global Sky to manage the customer service on an important pilot project. While they conduct seminars around the world, Global Sky fields English-speaking customer service calls from all of Europe, North America and Australia. This client has expressed happiness in working with our team, budgeting for more than two years, and stating their expectation to ramp up.
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Inbound Health Certification:

A consultant for a large US Health certification company contacted Global Sky to handle their customer service. They had never done this before and they weren’t sure how the process would work. Global Sky was able to talk the client through the planning process and within 14 days the client had produced a 70-page manual for Global Sky agents to train on.

Within another 14 days, the agents were trained and ready to take on mock calls. After the company approved the agents to take on live calls, the company experienced a significant reduction of calls at their main office and a cost savings of more than 50% over their in-house environment.
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Inbound: Retail

The owner of the nation’s largest watermelon distribution company needed total control over his customer service team. At larger call centers, he felt he was getting lost in the shuffle. He chose Global Sky because he liked the dedicated attention his project received. His motto is: “People & Process” and he felt Global Sky had both.
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Inbound Ticket Reservations:

An international travel agency required that Global Sky setup multiple (20+) inbound toll free numbers from Italy to Ireland so that customers could call toll-free from anywhere in the world.

A team of about 25 customer service representatives service the account 24/7.  The company, dissatisfied with their previous vendor, is happy with Global Sky’s ability to consistently meet service levels of 90% or higher, while efficiently maintaining billable hours.

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