Why Choose Global Sky?

Global Sky is a reliable call center partner that can support your business needs.

Significant Cost Savings

Save up to 50% on your payroll. No more payroll, no more taxes, vacation pay, recruiting, hiring or managing – we handle it all.


95%+ of our agents have four-year university degrees with comprehensive knowledge of written and spoken grammar.


Established in 2004, we have no debts and net positive cash flow since our inception. In addition to investing in redundancy, our investment activities include buying assets to reduce or eliminate monthly fixed costs. In short, we aren’t going anywhere.

Excellent English 

Philippines is one of the top English outsourcing destinations in the world. 72% of all Filipinos speak English as a second language. And the PHI native language “Tagalog” is much more closely aligned with English than, for example, Indian’s native language “Hindi.” Compare Philippines’ accents with outsourcing destinations like India and see the difference for yourself.


At now more than 211 seats with real estate to spare, we can scale to 500 seats within 45 days notice.

Improved Service Levels 

We give you advanced software, charts & graphs and remote monitoring capabilities to conduct your own quality assurance if you wish. Be in the office with us even when you’re on the beach.

High Quality Connections 

We have dedicated VOIP channels to US, AU and Canada. Voice quality is so clear you’ll think we’re in the next room. In addition, it’s easy to route a US Toll free or local # directly to the Philippines.


 We have customizable software solutions to suit just about any business process.

Local Agreements

We are a US Delaware corporation, all of our agreements are done according to US law. You won’t ever lose any sleep wondering if you have any recourse in case of misrepresentation.

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