Update on Western Union Scam

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IMPORTANT: Please note that some person or group is using Global Sky’s name to conduct a Western Union scam. This is not Global Sky, they are using our name.
How it works:
1) They send you a check
2) They tell you to cash it at bank and immediately evaluate a Western Union Outlet (by sending them funds)
3) After you send cash to Western Union the checks will bounce out of your account and you will owe your bank funds.

If you have received an email offering a job to work at Global Sky evaluating money services like Western Union do not participate. We have already notified proper authorities and have found they are using other company names (other call centers) as well.

The first email looks like this:

Subject: Hello – Reply asap ( Job Confirmation )


How are you doing?

We got your mail with the application you sent to us. We have noted down the name and address. You have to make sure that you have the locations you will be evaluating ( Preferably a westernunion outlet). We will send you the evaluation Letter which will contain your payment and the money you will be using to carry out your evaluation on the store . We will notify you when the package is ready to be sent out to you and you will be given a Tracking number so you will be able to keep track of the envelope till it gets to you . Instructions on how you would carry out the evaluation would be sent to your email and be included in the evaluation letter

We want you to reply to this email immediately for confirmation and also send the name and address of the outlet you would be evaluating. We would expect a reply from you as a confirmation that you received the email.

We hope to read from you soon


The second mail looks like this:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Hello – Reply asap
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 11:45 AM

Dear Evaluator,

We are using this opportunity to thank you for being part of these program. I just got a Fax notification from the UPS that the First set of payments to be used for the evaluation would be delivered to you on Today.

The check contained in the Envelope you would be receiving is the funds to be used for your first assignment.

Your First assignment is to be carried out on a financial institution : ( Western Union ). You are to conduct an evaluation on a Western Union outlet near you by making a transfer as a customer with a feedback report on your overall customer experience with them by completing a simple questionnaire which I would send to you have you must have completed the evaluations.

You are to proceed with the below instruction upon receiving this check.

1. Cash the check at your local bank at once and deduct only the sum of $200 for your daily pay, and the western union charges.
2. Locate a western union Outlet near you to conduct the survey by patronizing their services. You are to appear as a potential customer sending a western union transfer.
3. You are to make a transfer from the Western union you choose to another member of our evaluation team, and the funds would be picked up by that evaluator at the exact location which some customers reported their funds missing. You would have to record the time at which you got to the location and how many minutes it took you to get serviced. Have the fund sent to the below evaluator, currently waiting to pick the fund and carry out a corresponding evaluation at the reported location.

Remember to deduct the transfer fees from the money you are about to send to the evaluator below


NAME: Mike Watt
ADDRESS: 2191 Remedious Street
CITY/STATE Malate Manila
COUNTRY: Philippine
ZIP CODE: 1171
Please Ensure you use (10 minutes money transfer service)

Please remember what we are really after are the lines of question stated below, those are guidelines to what you will look out for during your visit to Western Union.


-How long it took you to get services.
-Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet
-Smartness of the attendant
-Customer service professionalism
-Reaction of personally under pressure
-Information that you think would be helpful
-Your comments and impressions.
-Your personal opinion

Under no circumstances should the Western Union Agents know this survey is being carried out on them. The below information as appeared on receipt should be sent to me via email.

Reference # (MTCN # ON THE RECEIPT.)
Amount Sent for the transfers.
Name And Address Of Sender.
Test Question & Answer ( If used ).

Once again, questionnaire and appraisal form regarding your overall experience with Western Union will be emailed to you after we receive the transfer information.

Thank you and get back to me as soon as the Evaluation is completed today.

Yours faithfully,
Head, Survey Team



IMPORTANT: These emails are not from Global Sky. Disregard or notify local authorities and by all means do not send any funds.

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