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  • September 9, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

The essence of Up-Selling and Cross Selling, is to capture your market. Customers can be retained, if you can grab their attention and entertain them enough, to ask about your products and services a little deeper.

One of the best examples of this technique is Amazon. For every page you look at, your are presented with a side bar. This tells you what similar offers are on sale. It will be worded something like: “people who purchased this book are also interested in….” But it grabs the attention and, and if the customer is honest, they have to admit that the product or service may interest them too.

The activity of customers on these types of web sites, can be gathered together to form a shopping history. This can be correlated by CRM software programs and sold to an Outsourced company, who can use it to provide a service.

This might prove to be a problem, if the customer does not grant their consent. But by gathering the information through surveys for financial rewards, the customers can feel confident their trust has not been abused. Once the pattern of someone’s shopping habits has been correlated, you stand a good chance of predicting what they will buy next.

Information like that is priceless to a small or medium sized company, struggling in a global market. Many of these firms are Outsourced offshore, and they can offer blocks of information on customers when and how you want it. This way, they can keep the costs down, as to gather this type of information is very labor intensive.

At one time, there could be staffing problems with the level of challenge and repetition, but in countries such as India and the Philippines, they welcome the chance to bring in quality jobs. To keep a Database at a high quality of maintenance, requires a staff qualified in SQL and other programming languages. Companies successful in Up- Selling and Cross-Selling Outsourcing, can prove they have the staff motivation to offer the level service, needed to make the most of CRM programs.

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