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  • April 15, 2011
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Here’s an Up-date and a Cross the Board Examination

Up-sell outsourcing programs conduct the necessary record-keeping for any effort to supplement existing service. Up-sell outsourcing programs insure the delivery of planned added services to the customers who purchased whatever company product is supposed to receive the extra service. Owners of cell phones have seen first-hand how the use of up-sell outsourcing programs can increase the appeal of a product.

The cell phone companies of today offer more services to their customers than they did just five years ago. Cell phone users can now use text messaging, and they can get customized dial tones. These are services that the cell phone companies have used to up-sell their product. The companies were able to embark on an up-sell effort by using the up-sell outsourcing programs.

Cross-sell outsourcing programs assist with the sale of related items. Cross-sell outsourcing programs can provide guidance with the selection of items that could easily be marketed along with a company’s existing products. Cross-sell outsourcing programs can give company executives access to a wider knowledge of what types of cross-sell programs have been successful in the past.
Before the advent of cross-sell outsourcing programs, the launching of any cross-sell endeavor had been a sort of hit or miss operation. One biotechnology company in Los Angeles, DPC, had a lucky hit. Prior to the early 1990s that company had only made diagnostic kits.

They decided to expand into the making of large scale diagnostic equipment, specifically into the sale of Immulite machines. Those machines performed the same function as a diagnostic kit, but they increased the number of tests that could be run at any one time, and they added to the speed at which those tests could be performed.

Because DPC did not have access to cross-sell outsourcing programs, it had only a limited number of ways in which to market its new product. It used one of the standard marketing tools available at that time; it distributed T-shirts bearing the name “Immulite.” Looking back on that effort at the present time, DPC executives could count themselves lucky. They managed to achieve moderate success with a cross-sell effort, despite the absence of cross-sell outsourcing programs.

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