To Outsource in the Philippines: Why So?

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By Chiena Bondoc

Call center industry has made a big part in the picture of Outsourcing. Actually, here in the Philippines, when we speak of outsourcing, the first thing that will come to your mind is the industry of call center. But as a matter of fact, Medical Transcription, Animation, Shared Financial and Accounting Services and Software Development Services are as well part of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

When a company goes for a consultant or application service provider to manage components of its internal IT structure, staff, processes and applications, there enters the process called outsourcing. Through this, the company is given the convenience in remaining focused on its core competency.

The customer contact center or more commonly known as call center has the largest share in the Philippines outsourcing industry. They has definitely proven their ability in this field and are in stiff competence with India. High service ethic, low labor cost and turnover as well as fluency in the English language are the reasons behind why the Philippines are being noted because of its call center industry is due to its.

The Philippines too has proved its ability in the field of animation outsourcing. This kind of work has been relatively known which had made them competent of those in other countries like Hong Kong.

Furthermore, in Medical Transcription, the Philippines also plays a good role in the area since they offer a service highly familiar with US medical standards, terminology and practices.

In terms of outsourcing Shared Financial and Accounting Services, the Philippines has a lot to offer as well. They produce a remarkable large number of accountants in the world, and the best of them. Plus, they provide companies of their standard service at a lower cost.

Moreover, the Philippines has been able to make a great impact regarding Software Development Services. The country can brag of its local IT service providers that can accommodate offshore back-office processing systems with US-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications; and availability of low-cost facilities in Metro Manila and in cyberparks.

With everything laid here, the Philippines is proven to be one of the outsourcing spot in the globe.

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