Time for Filipino Cybergeeks To Shine

  • June 30, 2011
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Everything has its right time. Perhaps this popular saying is once again proven globally by the rapid growth of information technology outsourcing in the Philippines.

For more than 20 years, the Philippines have engaged in developing their software and application development industry. Gifted with a highly skilled labor pool and improved information and communications technology infrastructure, the country currently has long invested in educating its citizens to land promising IT-related jobs in the future. Unfortunately, the country’s competitive capabilities in this area remained unknown for many multinational companies for many years. However, with the present popularity of outsourcing in different fields, the Philippines’ specialization in IT starts to build a name in the global market.

The META Group, a US research firm, described the Philippines as a rising country with excellent availability of IT professionals, in their 2002 Global New Economy Index. The study revealed that Filipino IT workers are not only proficient in computer processes involving mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers but also knowledgeable in technical and business operations for IT projects.

With a supportive government dedicated in developing the IT literacy of Filipinos, the country has become a hot spot for IT outsourcing operations. The most common of IT functions executed by service providers located in the Philippines involves software and applications development. Aside from these, Filipino IT workers offer a variety of capabilities such as software analysis and design, reengineering and conversion, programming, customization, installation and maintenance, testing and computer training. Probably because of its large number of IT schools, Filipinos are relatively more familiar in IT operations than its Asian rivals.

Filipinos’ excellent IT and business skills make the country an attractive destination for outsourcing. Compared to equally qualified IT professionals in other outsourcing locations like Canada, Ireland and Australia, the Philippines offers a lower cost of operations, from the employees’ low cost of labor to the cost-competitive IT and communications infrastructure. In addition, the country’s regulations on outsourcing are IT-friendly and favorable for most companies. In fact, the government provides incentives to multinational companies who invest in the country.

Companies who have outsourced their IT operations in the country express their increasing satisfaction to Filipino IT professionals. The country’s workforce has been recognized for their English proficiency and multicultural adaptability. Hence, working in a different environment does not hamper Filipinos from showing their skills. Aside from these, companies favor Filipino IT workers for their positive work ethic, flexibility and high degree of trainability.

With such positive feedbacks Filipino IT professionals receive, the IT outsourcing industry in the Philippines is believed by many market analysts to be very promising. From an agricultural nation to a country that boasts of IT-skilled workforce, the Philippine is indeed making a remarkable transition. Truly, the time has come for the Philippines to exhibit its IT capabilities. Thus, it’s time for Filipino cybergeeks to shine!


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