The Rise of Outbound Call Centers in the 21st Century

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As the technology is in a state of flux through generations, so is the necessity of mankind for ready access to substantial and authoritative information. The invention of computers and other cybernetic machines paved way for the rise of the Internet, which allowed us to instantly gather information with just a few clicks.

The remarkable expansion of the computers and the Internet in the 21st century conquered different fields— in biochemistry, in nuclear physics, in psychology and in dozens of other fields. Internet made what appears impossible, possible. Computers had successfully accomplished the discovery of grand new areas in medicine, the exploration of outer space by manned flight, the innovations in the field of robotics and countless other advancements.

Moreover, computers also provide assistance in many aspects of our daily life, including purchasing products. Truly, computers have made it possible for companies to market their products without the hassle of actual negotiations. However, as time goes by, most customers prefer talking to someone to make sure every information about the product is clear and every question he has in mind is instantly answered. This gives rise to telemarketing.

Perhaps you have experienced receiving a call from a stranger with perfect accent and formal language offering a product at a reasonable price and explaining the benefits the product may cause you. That scenario is what telemarketing exactly is. It increases and stabilizes customer awareness about products which may be of great necessity to the customers. Telemarketing is only one of the two major services offered by outbound call centers. Many companies are taking this strategic method in business to increase the sales and popularity of the products.

Basically, outbound call center is a unit that uses high technology telecommunications system. It serves as an outsourced provider facility that manages services for outgoing phone calls and other technological means of communications such as e-mail, VoIP and live internet chat. Telemarketing outbound call centers make use of sophisticated communications technology such as PBX, IP and ASR.

Aside from telemarketing services, another major service offered by outbound call centers is market research. Since marketing firms only have limited time to survey, most firms pass on this task to a third party which is an expert on market research. The main function of market reasearch is to know more about what the customers want and how they evaluate certain products.

The present rate of outbound telemarketing expansion in the global market has increased over the years. Evidently, it is likely to continue its vigorous growth in the next years to come. At this generation where competition is stiff and consumer demands are high, telemarketing and market research through outbound call centers would remain in promoting public awareness about what they need and what they want.


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