The Power of BPO

  • September 13, 2011
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Leading edge technology without huge capital expenditures—seems impossible, isn’t it? But if you just continue to explore for more effective ways in the business trend today, you may just find the answer right beyond your reach.

Traditionally, outsourcing was used to perform simple tasks, from copying documents to microfilming. But as years swiftly passed together with the advent of technology, outsourcing has evolved into a more strategic method of reducing costs while maintaining the product and service quality. Consequently, more and more companies has begun outsourcing complete business processes to service providers. These companies include Perot, Fiserv and Exult.

This evolution has paved way for the birth of BPO, or business process outsourcing. It is the authorization of one or more IT-concentrated business functions to an expert external organization. This service provider, in turn, runs and supervises the company’s business processes and applications. Generally, the most common forms of BPO are human resources, accounting and payroll outsourcing and call centers.

Once confined to achieving cost savings in back office business operations and functions, the business process outsourcing trend now incorporates an ingenious, powerful approach in accomplishing a vast range of business functions. This approach allows the BPO industry to attract more investors with its numerous advantages. Aside from cost savings, its competitive capabilities are preferred by many business professionals over other strategic methods. One major advantage of BPO is the cutting edge facilities it offers without large capital outlay. It enables companies to gain access to modern facilities specialized in particular business functions. This is helpful especially for starting companies as BPO empowers them to be fully operational in just a few weeks.

The most traditional approach BPO was viewed before is just for a company to cut down costs without sacrificing the product quality. However, these past few years of its rapid development has changed this principle. Considered as one the fastest growing industry in the global market today, BPO is now viewed as a tactical move for companies to focus on its major organizational goals and core functions, while passing noncore functions to an expert service provider. This way, companies can be assured that both core and noncore business processes are well done.

Apparently, business process outsourcing is more than just saving costs. Just like division of labor, it enables both the company and the service provider to concentrate in developing their particular duties. With BPO, what seems impossible can be achieved with a short period of time. And theoretically speaking, any work handled through cooperation will surely be successful—-and so will BPO.


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