The "Magnitude" of Outsourcing : A Rational View

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In the contemporary global bazaar, outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase output cheaply and competently. “Global sourcing is seen as necessary to be competitive or even survive…and small midsize companies are now involved” (Gartner, June 2004)

Polls show that by a wide margin, Americans believe that outsourcing is not good for the economy. Is that truthful? No. Moving service jobs overseas, as is happening now, brings actual, concrete benefits to the economy, just as the country benefited when manufacturing jobs moved overseas. When jobs go to countries like India or China, those countries become wealthier and more developed, and in turn they demand more of our goods and services.

The best way to understand outsourcing is to learn and comprehend its meaning. Contracting out or Outsourcing is defined as the entrustment of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within a business to an external entity (e.g. subcontractor) that specializes in that said operation.


It is a must for each and every organization to generate data. Hidden in those data are pieces information on how the organization performs. Data analysis is the crucial process to bring out information out of the otherwise random reservoir of data. Analysis results are very significant in any processes wether it is retail, pharmaceutical research or even banking operations. Varying amounts of data and bits of information in quantity and quality are generated depends upon the process.

IT operation is one of the fresh faces in the outsourcing arena. It involves the management of IT assets of corporations from a specific location. It become possible when the management of a computer network of a large corporation includes outage monitoring, alarms monitoring, remote monitoring of data centers etc.


The access to have skills and professional capabilities that you don’t have within your team will be possible with the help of outsourcing. Flexibility is one of the product of outsourcing. With the help of outsourcing, the owner or manager of an organization can easily gain more staff and / or add systems you do not have. On the other hand, when your business is shrinking, it’s hard to keep non-core activities when you’re having trouble selling.

Not all businesses are aware of the benefits of outsourcing. It is a fact that outsourcing can save money, but that is not the most important reason to perform it. During the Outsourcing Mania of the early 1990s, it can be concluded that it is worse to outsource too much rather than not outsourcing at all. Flat economy is the reason why many companies into huge layoffs and subsequently outsourced functions that were better kept in-house. However, sensible outsourcing can offer a number of long-term benefits.


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