The Difference of Talking and Communicating

  • April 11, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Often times, we use the term ‘talking’ as a synonym for the word ‘communicating’. But in the outsourcing perspective, both terms are far different from each other except for the utilization of language. Webster defines talking as the act of delivering or expressing in speech. While communicating is defined as to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood. As the statements imply, talking is merely to utter words regardless of the substance it has while communicating indicates that it is not merely uttering words but it has the objective to be understood.

Communication is a skill needed to be a good outsourcer of course. Since dealing with different classes of people can be very complicated, outsourcers should acquire good communication skills. Communication is a skill that involves a great deal of regulation and uphill struggle. But in the outsourcing world, it can be more meaningful if you utilize some of the following rules:

Be attentive. As a great scribbler wrote, “it is easier to understand than to be understood.” Clear yourself from own filters, suppositions, reasoning and viewpoints that color what you hear and the how you hear it. Focus completely to what the other people say physically, vocally and emotionally.

Rummage around for the same ground. One of communication’s goals is to have good association with other persons. In order to do this, you must go through the process of uncertainty reduction by means of knowing the person well. Like where the person lives, and the most basic things you should know. Talk to the person based on the person’s level in order for the conversation to be effective.

Prevent interruption. Always bear in mind that other people don’t care how much you have in mind until they know how much you care. It takes discipline to actually pick up what others tell. Don’t interrupt someone while that person is talking. Let them finish first and be patient and give respect to them.

Retain credibility. You should be genuine with the things you say. Tell what you imply and mean what you tell. If you promise to do something, then do it. The actions you do justifies the kind of words you say.

Refine what you say. There are various ways how to considerately keep conversations flowing on its normal way. Clarify what you have dealt before to ensure you understood each other. Ask queries that make it to the foot of the person’s agenda.

Be positive. Don’t talk behind backs. You will lose the respect and trust of others or you will have a status for this kind of behavior if you do so. Don’t say insulting words, ethnic humor or anything that might offend someone else. In short, know you are dealing with.
Stay cool. Don’t take such attacks personally. The other person’s disposition or reaction is more likely about fear than it is about you as an individual.

In the outsourcing biz, like what a good communicator explained, talking is cheap but communicating is beyond price.


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