The Communicators: The People in the Call Center World

  • July 23, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

The world of call centers may be compared to a one whole, yet, smaller world where there are divisions of tasks for the workers and where there are different classes of people inhabiting on it. And in the world of communicators, every company that builds and enhances their quality of work is like a world where different countries struggle for national progress.

In the call center world, there are two basic types of call – it is divided into inbound and outbound. The type of call where the customer is the one who initiated the call to get information, report an error or ask for assistance, is called inbound. On the other hand, outbound is the type of call initiated by the call center agent, mostly with the intention to persuade the client to buy a product or a service.

The staff of the call center is categorized in tiers. The first tier is the unskilled agents who are instructed to settle issues using a simple script. In circumstances when the first tier can’t resolve an issue, the matter is passed to a more proficient second tier. And in some companies, there are second and third tiers to support the less skilled agents.

Like in the real world, call centers also have the so-called critics. In call centers, some critics bicker that the working atmosphere in the environment is not pleasant. Some also point out the low down wage rate and restrictive working practices of some managers. Moreover, contact centers have been the matter of grievances by callers who observe the agents of the call center frequently do not possess good ability and authority to settle the problems.

Call centers are highly technological and up to date. That is why arguments arise in such an inflating manner whether it is beneficial or not. Due to the extremely hi-tech sort of processes in such workplace, the firm supervising of staff actions is easy and extensive. This can be argued to be advantageous, to enable the company to better arrange the time and load of work of its workers.

But some people have argued that such extensive checking violates civil rights to privacy. Yet a different argument is that close monitoring and gauging by quantitative metrics can be counterproductive in that it can direct to feeble customer care service and a poor impression of the company.

In light of this, there are several specialized groups around the world developing and advancing call center best system management and function to defeat the off-putting sides of a call centre.


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