The Birth of Call Centers in the Modern-day Technology

  • August 24, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Indeed, the up-to-date technological phenomenon worldwide has helped in the advancement of business function services in the Philippines as proven by the state-of-the-art break through service provider called call center outsourcing.

In the business world, everything, as much as possible, should be in fast pace. And as the technology progress rapidly, businessmen take advantage of this to enhance quicker business functions and to provide expertise in a certain field that an ordinary internal employee of a certain company can’t do proficiently – and there, call center outsourcing was born to provide customer service and product sales.

Call center industry is divided into two main types- the inbound where calls are received for help services and the outbound where calls are made by agents mainly to sell products. In the present day, call centers are extremely popular. Call centers hire many agents in customer care service and sales functions and it has centralized function on it.

Call centers have a lot of benefits to companies. Call centers can almost be established wherever; Call centers can be located almost anywhere, letting companies to have benefit to time zone and of lower labor rates to offshore locations. Call centers can easily adjust staffing to match volumes of call by centralizing telephone-based service in just one location. Call centers, as well, centralize the technological needs of companies, letting major telecommunications systems to be established in a small handful of call centers instead of many smaller offices, making advancement and training easier to accomplish.

Most of the call centers use various technologies to help improve functioning and client experience. Often times, automatic call distribution is used on inbound call centers, where incoming calls are designated to agents on the sequence they are received. Other contact centers use call monitoring where calls from the clients are randomly monitored by quality guarantee staff to assure that agents achieve client necessities.

As outsourcing business continuously inflates, call centers become extremely dominant in generating great revenues for the Philippine economy therefore cutting off unemployment rate in great number.


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