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The Philippines has been known to be one of the most attractive locations for Outsourcing during the past years. Having a good reputation, the country was able to pursue a lot of investors with the result of acquisition of more accounts and clientele.

Some of the many advantages of the Philippines were:

1. the affordable quality human resources which had been known to be a pool of highly skilled workers with a literacy rate of 94%
2. strong affinity to western culture resulting to world-class English proficiency
3. the Philippines has had increasing domestic network of low-cost, well-developed communications infrastructure linking the three major islands
4. the country’s communications infrastructures had been fast expanding as it had been known for its high quality and low-cost bandwidth
5. the Philippine government has encouraged the development of dedicated IT parks through investment incentives
6. similar form of government and the media that built on a strong familiarity with Western culture

Also, Philippines as being a strategic location is the gateway of Information Technology and trade in Asia. And it seems to be a critical entry point to the ASEAN market- for the 500 million market in Southeast Asia. Truly, the Philippines is accessible, central and integrated into the regional and global economies. Moreover, the country can provide unlimited business opportunities, as more economic integration through the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) expands trade opportunities.


The range of business functions suitable for outsourcing depends on the long-term strategic goals of any organization. Particular sectors benefit from moving operations to the Philippines, including customer call centers, content development, data integration and analysis, distance education and engineering and design services.

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