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  • March 18, 2011
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By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

Once again, the call center industry is being criticized as a tool for exploiting Filipinos, offering them extremely much drop down wages compared to their counterparts in the US call center industry. A local broadsheet reported that a local labor group is attacking the call center industry for providing lower wages to Filipino workers than their counter part agents in the United States. In a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, KMU spokesperson Prestoline Suyat noted that entry-level workers have an average salary of 15,000 Philippine pesos while their counterparts in the United States earn as much as 40,000 Philippine pesos per month when converted to Philippine pesos. Moreover, the Filipino call center agents’ salary as well fall short of 19,950 pesos monthly living cost. That is the logic! It is because it is cheaper to outsource offshore because they can benefit from the lower salary costs of Filipino contact center agents than in their own original destination. If we would demand for equal salary as that of our counterparts in the United States, do you think those huge companies would still be interested to invest here?

Considering that they would just spend the same expenditure as much as what they spend in their country or even spend much more because of the destination leasing and the advancement of the infrastructure if ever we demand for it. For starters, there is an average of 15,000 Philippine pesos a month for contact center agents, and isn’t it a good start compared to other jobs being offered in the Philippines? In fact, when you say you are working as a call center agent, you probably are being envied by your mates who were working in other companies that offer not even half of your salary in the call center industry. Yeah it’s true that we should know our worth as well-educated country with a literacy rate of 94 percent. But do you think, in reality that our country’s economy is much deteriorating, compared to other third world countries, isn’t it a very good opportunity to grab it now instead of thinking that it is a tool for exploitation of our workers?

Imagine how big help it has been on the Philippine economy, and how it brought a lot of revenues as much as billion pesos, isn’t it enough to be called a great alternative job? The Philippine call centers’ rage nowadays is a strong alternative now, that should be taken with well-handled care.

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