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Reliable, affordable, and flexible technical support solutions for small to medium enterprises. Global Sky can handle any function that requires a phone or a computer.

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Did you now? Global Sky handle many US clients during the night time in Manila, which leaves our daytime back-office space available at lower rates. 

Technical Support Assistance as a service resolves a technical issue or problem in the most cost-effective, and fastest way. These difficulties are actual or perceived deficiencies with the service or product the customer is seeking support for.

Outsource your technical support representatives and quickly gain access to infrastructures, technology, and professionals without the lengthy process of acquisition, leasing, and hiring.

Diagnostic Software

Do you have common software-related issues? Only a technical support expert can fix them. It’s not only about troubleshooting software, applications, or computers, it’s also about providing tools to help manage and install the software itself– from maintenance, diagnosis, testing and evaluation, and configuring.

Phone Service Support

Do you need someone to solve common phone-related problems for you? Like computers, phones also need tech supports, as those devices have software or applications and physical parts installed that work almost like a PC. Thus, what your customers need is to call a technical support representative to instruct them on how to troubleshoot such issues and follow their instructions. Everyone has a phone, hence, just like other services, phone service support is in demand by maximum customers.

Live Chat Technical Support

Do you want to upgrade your customer service from phone dialing to live chat? Live chat support is one of the most common and efficient services a company can have. It enables instant access to technical support experts through a live chat system which is 100% convenient as well in answering questions accurately and quickly in real time. Live chat support is one of the most dynamic and useful methods, hence, it is in demand worldwide.

From small to big businesses, Technical Support is not only limited to these, it is about troubleshooting computers, phones, tablets, modems, internet, networks, software, and so much more!

Our team of customer service agents know how to keep up with work demands. They also work hard to achieve overall success for outbound calling service campaign. Available 24/7 and ready. You can start your outbound telemarketing right away.

Do you have an eye out for an outbound call center that can:

Increase your selling time frame?

Dedicate less time on time-consuming calls?

Navigate their way to the decision maker?

Start your campaign immediately?

Help you achieve the best results for your campaign?

You've found more than what you're looking for!

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How Outbound Call Center Outsourcing
Helps Your Business Grow?

GlobalSky’s outbound call center services help organizations to sell their products or reach out to new and existing customers with poise and professionalism. The company has been handling various direct marketing and outbound-related campaigns, with existing clients from various industries. These years of experience in the outbound call center industry is backed by its latest technology infrastructure, rigorous training sessions, quality assurance monitoring and a highly trained call center team. The result is increased sales and improved ROI using the best outbound call center strategies...


Why Choose Our Outbound Call Center Services?

24/7 efficient and outbound calling service support and solutions

Native language speaking outbound call center agents

Diverse level of skills in telemarketing, telesales,and overall communication

High-profile data security and confidentiality

Multiple ways of data recovery and backup options, incase of system or service breakdown

Cost-effective, productive, and results centered

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