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  • March 19, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

Technical support outsourcing is more important in today’s environment than ever before.

Years ago a call center company would solve most of it’s problems in-house. There were so few call centers in the world, mostly run by large corporations. Because the technical expertise was set up by their own departments, problems were solved by the same team who built the thing in the first place.

Now, the world has moved on. Technology has advanced so much, that more and more companies can get into the call center field. On the one hand, it has certainly opened the world up for many people, it has also brought along many problems. Computers and their servers are so complex, there are few engineers who even know how they work. These could be confined to a university campus, and very over-stretched.

The only way around the problem, is to break it down into manageable parts. This way a team of engineers can deal with just that problem, and concentrate on solving it, before looking at the bigger picture. To this end, all call centers need technical support outsourcing.

No longer is the problem simply confined to telephone calls. All media systems are integrating more every day. Web sites are being used in conjunction with all forms of commerce, and to this end, they all need technical support. A customer buying something on a web site, will need to feel confident over the purchase and the transaction of money. The simple fact that a telephone number is included on the page, is enough to make them feel more secure.
Being a new Industry, things are bound to go wrong. Some of these companies are operating on the frontier of a new technology. Credit card transactions and the flow of data to generate reports, are complex enough in themselves. So technical support must be there to back them up. Outsourcing this type of support, is the only option to many companies, if they want to make a profit.

Databases now need the help of experts, skilled in the languages unique to those systems. Standard Query Language (SQL) is one of the most important for storing any data, used by a web site. When these go wrong, it is not enough to know how the web site works. SQL has a structure all of it’s own, and Technical Support Outsourcing departments, will have engineers, skilled in finding just what went wrong.

It is probably the sheer size of these departments, which makes them uneconomic for the average call center. Technical support staff will run a series of scenarios to find where the faults in a system will occur. These will be run time and time again, until they can find the quickest and cheapest way of fixing them.
The average call center could not afford to keep a huge team on this scale, as the problem might only come about once in their life-time. So technical support outsourcing, fills the gap.

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