Call Center Industry in the Philippines

Call Center Philippines

Why choose to outsource to the Philippines? Call center service is a serious profession in the Philippines. Our agents are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. Most of our agents have a college-level education, and are given further training in the art of sale negation and customer service. They […]

Call Centers in India

By Steven Lambert Many countries in the world would be worried about the prospect of turning old sunset industries over to the new sunrise ones. Not India. If any country in the world is better suited to embrace the new information revolution, it is certainly India. The strongest asset India has is the fact that […]

Call Centers in the Philippines

Call Center in the Philippines

By Steven Lambert ” The call centers in the Philippines can reply on a highly educated population, that are in big demand for skills across the globe. But the Philippine government has realized this and launched an education program to turn things around. The call center Industry in the Philippines drew up a Benchmarking Study, […]