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  • July 27, 2011
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According to a survey of 369 contact centers internationally, done by South Africa’s Dimension Data, North American contact centers failed to keep pace with the rest of the world regarding security and disaster recovery preparedness, and were also noted as the slowest contact centers in answering inbound calls.
Listed here are some of the (preliminary) results:

* Only 29% of North American contact centers surveyed have adapted disaster recovery plans, contrary with Asia-Pacific and Africa/Middle East ones at nearly 45% and 49% respectively, with Europe having 31%.

* Security is found to be practiced the most in developing contact center markets with about 50% of contact centers in Africa/Middle East and Asia-Pacific certifying consumers on their calls, in contrsat to only 37% of respondents in North America and 39% in Europe.

* Inbound calls comprise about 70% of all interactions.

* The quickest answer for a call is found in Africa/Middle East (average 19 seconds) with North America. It recorded the slowest time-to-answer at 32 seconds, Europe/UK having an acceptable 22 seconds and Asia-Pacific at 28 seconds.

* The lowest salaries are in Africa/Middle East at $34,486. Asia-Pacific centers the highest at a maximum $85,058. North American contact center manager salary levels normally varies between $48,075 to $72,114.

* Even in multi-channel contact centers most interactions are still voice communications. The naturalization of other technologies to deal with customer queries is rather small in comparison: SMS/text messages account for only a mere 0.5% of interactions and Internet inquiries 4%, though there are differences across regions most probably accounted for by regional adoption rates of the linked technologies.

* About one in 10 contact center interactions are comrpised by email communications, the second highest volume channel right after agent-assisted telephone. North American centers admit 150% more email interactions than in any other region, which is not surprising given that Internet saturation is 68.2% of the population, with Africa having just 2.7% of the entire population using the Internet.

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