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  • March 21, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

Short Message Services (SMS) are a method of sending a text message to any mobile phone. They can be from 160 characters to 224 characters if they are using a system in 5 bit mode. The system works through the Global System for Mobiles service (GSM) to send them out.

This offers whole new horizons of business to the small company. They can be mobile and on the road, and still stay in touch with their core business activities. In the past is would have taken an army of office staff to keep a manager as well informed as this.

As the old pager system switches over to the new 3G phones, people are finding out that there is so much more available to the business world. In time it will merge with the wireless laptop systems, as phones become more advanced and computers, smaller.

The advantage of the SMS system over the old pager network, is that the phone does not have to be active or in range. But one of the most attractive advantages, is that a message can be sent from a PC. This makes the personal office a reality.

Many professionals have taken up this service. Doctors now use the SMS service to receive urgent calls on patient emergency. The central call center can send out the SMS message, notifying the Doctor with important details on drugs, which may be difficult to convey over a normal phone call.

Logistics businesses can use the system linked in with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. These are radio tags fitted to every parcel, for the call center to track its cycle through the system. A driver or delivery person, can now be directed to the whereabouts of a parcel, and send back vital information on its progress. But many drivers know the system, as the method of receiving details of their next delivery address. Once, a huge amount of time and money was wasted on wrong or late deliveries, but thanks to SMS the system can flow smoothly. This is vital to support the SLA for any quality control.

As the system grows, the next generation with photo and camera capacity, can handle even more detailed information. This puts even more freedom in the hands of the individual.

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