• June 20, 2011
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By Michael Murillo

Blowing numbers of mushroom-like call centers hit the Philippines. In fact, Romulo Neri, the Secretary for Economic Planning mentioned that “For now, call centers are at the forefront of outsourcing.” “But we should diversify our outsourcing work beyond call centers,” he added.

Talking about call center businesses, Republic of the Philippines is one of the best hub because of large supply of graduates with computer engineering/science and business communications as their courses.

Board of Investments, Business Process Association of the Philippines together with the Commission on Information, Communication and Technology conducted a study that states that investments for outsourcing in the Philippines on the present year is about P12 billion. Four years from now, it is expected to have more than 1 million individuals who will be employed in the industry compared to that of today which is only around 230,000.

Today, Outsourcing-related jobs is 44 percent higher than last year.
Aside from IT professionalism, the cost of outsourcing in the Philippines is definitely cheaper compared to the cost of Outsourcing in India, the champion in the field of outsourcing. But even if the cost of Philippine Outsourcing is getting cheaper and cheaper, it still gain more and more revenues as the year pass by.

In 2001, the revenues brought by outsourcing market in the Philippines is more or less $1 billion dollars. Today it is almost four times higher.

According to Global consultancy Mckinsey, it is estimated that four years from now (2010), the revenues coming from Philippine Outsourcing could reach an incredibly $10 billion dollars from its 120 companies that outsource.

Outsourcing companies are scattered all over the Philippines such as Ambergris and Sykes. The major outsourcing spot in the Philippines are Makati (country’s main financial district), Alabang, Angeles and Cebu.

When a foreigner hears the word “Philippines,” he would probably think that this country are decades late when it comes to modern technology. If it is so, let him visit the Philippines and show him the gigantic offices of Siemens, HP, Ericsson, PLDT and other Goliaths in the field of communication technology.

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