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  • March 29, 2011
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By Steven Lambert

Companies that choose Outsourcing as a mean to help boost their prospects, will be looking for the administrative costs to be one of the top priorities.

Reports will need to be generated if they are to have a true picture of how their business is shaping up. Databases will need to be updated on a regular basis, and this will need a high level of skill. If the small company was to remain on its own shoes, they may never be able to afford such a level of service.

But by looking offshore to Outsource the services, they will be able to find a highly educated and skilled team of people, only too willing to help.

Once you have found a few good examples of how others have done it, this is the road to travel. Word of mouth, is one of the best tests of quality. The Service Level Agreements (SLA) are the methods of how you judge the performance of an Outsourced company. They will have metered goals, to which they have to perform, and a report will be generated on how close they came.

When you look at some of the successful examples on the world market, you can see why Report Outsourcing can work. British Petroleum Exploration (BPX) outsourced its Reporting & Administrative Support to an outsourced firm in 1991. With an $18 bn market for oil, BPX had other things to worry about. The 13,000 invoices it used to generate a month could now be handled by Anderson Consulting. It has now halved the costs, and has now been proved so successful that other large oil companies are now using the service.

One of the keys to its success, was the flexibility the Outsourcing Company was able to present, under changing circumstances. This is the true test of skill, when it comes to the level of quality of any firm handling Administrative Support. In turn, this is down to the level expertise in how the management software applications are implemented.

An Outsourced Company will be more aware that it has to be more flexible and take more care, in order to prove itself.

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