Practical Steps in Offshore Outsourcing

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Do you think its time for your company to outsource noncore operations like customer support and human resources offshore? You may have read different articles about outsourcing. You may have been informed about its benefits. You may have learned the current issues regarding the outsourcing industry. Perhaps the next step is to know how to outsource. The following are useful steps on how to engage in offshore outsourcing.

Plan and identify what to be outsourced. Like any task one could encounter, planning is the first step. It is essential for service providers to know the scope of the work to be outsourced. This is important to avoid discrepancies between the company and the service provider. Although they specialize in the work to be outsourced, they can not do any good without knowing the scope of work, time frames, performance indicators that are important in project supervision and the level of effort projections. In turn, the service providers’ plan in administering the business function should first be discussed with the company before undertaking any task.

Familiarize the service provider with your operations. In offshore outsourcing, what may be famous in your country may not be popular in your offshore destination. Understand the fact that your service provider might have minimal knowledge or familiarity with your company’s operations. India, for instance, has small population of bank account holders. Hence, if your business has something to do with banking and finance, check first if your service provider and its staff have knowledge in basic banking operations.

Expect slow pace of initial developments. If you are outsourcing customer support, do not look forward to abrupt financial income from outsourcing. In the beginning of your outsourcing course, you might come across difficulties monitoring the outsourced operations until it is completely transferred to the service provider. In several offshore call centers, you could listen in and monitor calls, enabling you to gain quality assurance.

Discuss the invoicing and payment transaction. Basically, invoicing and payment terms depend upon the size of the service provider. In India, most big call centers operate under advance payment agreements. However, in mid-sized call centers, payment is done weekly. Prices for offshore outsourcing services also vary. Thus, the terms on payment must be discussed before starting any operation.

Maintain constant communication with the service provider. An outsourcing agreement could be vibrant and efficient if constant connection between the company and the service provider is sustained. This is significant particularly in customer support operations. Normally, service providers communicate with the client companies everyday. Stable communication allows the companies to monitor the operations. If things get wrong, they should discuss the matter with the service provider.

An outsourcing arrangement may seem hard to keep. Like any industries in the society today, outsourcing should be guided with appropriate measures. But most importantly, the secret ingredient towards success is trust and coordination.



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