Power Up Your Solar Panel Profits With Effective Telemarketing

  • July 13, 2015
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Solar energy offers an array of solutions to an ever-growing need for green, economical energy. With the invention and improvement of solar panels, collecting solar energy is relatively easily. However, collecting the necessary customers to make your solar panel business successful can be quite a feat.

The solar panel industry is one that has amassed a number of power failures. Some of those power failures are the result of bad planning, lack of leadership, and inferior products/service. Yet, the majority of solar panel business shutdowns are related to problems with revenue, cash flow, and marketing. Of these three areas, marketing is the first necessary to address because without it the others cannot exist. Let’s cover a style of marketing that is required for finding success in the solar panel industry.

Integrated Marketing

Any marketing specialist understands that the more competitive a market is, the more integrated the marketing strategy should be. Opportunities exist in direct marketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, online advertising, print ads, and telemarketing. Each marketing type has its pros and cons. Furthermore, some marketing types are more suited to certain industries than to others. Understanding which marketing types are successful in the solar panel sphere is essential to building a viable integrated marketing strategy.

Solar Panel Telemarketing


Many solar panel businesses grasp the clear benefits of telemarketing. In fact, “telemarketing is the foundation of their marketing and sales”. Although social media marketing is effective if integrated properly, it rarely results in no more than soft end relationships. Such relationships may be fine for social reasons, but they are not rational for forecasting sales and revenue. In contrast, telemarketing enables solid relationships to be formed with your potential customers. Strong relationships are key to building your brand and creating loyal, happy customers.

Although telemarketing is a good stand-alone marketing tool, it really shines when it is part of an integrated marketing strategy. Let’s consider some of the ways telemarketing can help solar panel marketing.

1) STRATEGY PLANNING – Good telemarketing furnishes competitor, customer, and market insights that benefit the planning stage of your marketing campaign. Successful businesses in competitive markets never engage in blind marketing. Telemarketing gives companies intelligence at a price point that is difficult to beat.

2) CLEANSING DATA – Accurate data is the lifeblood of a marketing/sales campaign. Correct contact information (email, social media, phone & address), decision makers’ roles & titles, and other critical data are elements of success. Good data enables targeted marketing which decreases wasted time and resources, while significantly increasing return on investment (ROI).

3) CREATING CUSTOMER RESPONSE – Getting customers to respond begins with getting the right message to the appropriate customer. This is where telemarketing trumps email and direct mail campaigns. However, when used in unison, the three techniques can supplement each other and enable telemarketing to be even more effective. For instance, a clicked email or downloaded whitepaper can trigger a follow-up call based upon the information that sparked the individual’s interest.

4) IDENTIFYING TARGETS – Email campaigns can provide a large volume of leads, but it cannot determine the quality of those leads. Follow up calls result in targeted prospect prioritizing. Spending the most amount of time on the best targets is essential to building sales.

25) PARETO MODEL – The Pareto model (or 80-20 rule) holds that in sales 80 percent of the sales are provided by 20 percent of the customer base. Consequently, after you identify high-end targets it is beneficial to spend more time acquiring such prospects. Telemarketing enables your firm to connect in meaningful ways to high-end prospects in ways that other marketing techniques cannot.

6) IMPROVE BRANDING & AWARENESS – Even on brief calls, improving your brand and creating awareness about the ecological need, value, and economic benefits of solar panels is possible. Short exerts of such information can build prospect confidence in your company and make it stand out from competitors.

Using Telemarketing to Boost Your Profits

After formulating a consistent integrated marketing strategy that solidifies your expertise in the field, you’ll need to utilize the human touch to seal the deal. Why? The initiation and development of genuine relationships requires at the very least a human voice. Hence, human engagement still is king when creating sales opportunities is the objective.

Scripting is a vital tool to successful telemarketing. Concerted time and effort should be allocated to creating a script that is adaptable and efficient. An excellent script that encompasses these three areas is best:

1) NEVER DRAG THE DISCUSSION – Having a clear yet interesting dialogue with your customers is best. The internet is full of information about how to get rid of telemarketers, so you’ll only drag your brand’s name through the mud by trying to wear people down with long-winded conversations.

2) CONNECT THE DOTS – Be sure that you script progressives logically and always ends on some type of confirmation. Appointment setting and follow-up calls should be the goal of the discussion. Nevertheless, caution must be exercised so that the call remains conversational and not a hard sale. Hard sales calls are akin to bill collections and can result in negative hits to your company’s brand.

3) PREPARE FOR CONVERSIONS – Having the previous conversation handy is not the only way to prepare for a sales conversion. You should anticipate the lead’s needs and look for ways to meet them. Did you have an email prepared that discusses the solar panels and service you provide? How about verifiable sources of your company’s work record? Do you know how to separate your business from negative press associated with other solar panel businesses? Find ways to be transparent to maximize conversions and allay consumer fear.

Telemarketing works. However, you’ll need to avoid pitfall techniques that have been used by competitors that have left a bad record with consumers. If you are careful and meticulous in building a sound telemarketing approach, you will create solid leads and convert them into profit boosting sales.

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