Philippines: The Country and its Population

  • September 23, 2011
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Philippines -The Country and its population-The History of Call Centers in Philippines -Status and future Potential

The Republic of Philippines comprises of 7107 islands known as Philippine archipelago of which 700 islands are inhabited. Tracing back to the history of this south Asian nation one finds that the country was a colony of Spain for more than 3½ centuries and there after an American colony for about 50 years. Philippines greatly influenced by the 2 colonial masters eventually developed into an outsourcing destination in electronics and software.

The country with a swelling population of more than 86 million people depends mainly on foreign remittance. It has a high a literacy rate of more than 95% and a large work force. One striking feature that gives an advantage for this country in the business of outsourcing especially call center jobs is the command of its people over the English language. English is recognized as an official language besides philippino.

Philippines is one of the major call centre outsourcing destinations next only to India. As per a recent survey by technology marketing Corporation, USA has lost more than 2 lakh call centre jobs to Philippines and India. Though the latter continues to be the chief competitor in call centre business Philippine has a natural advantage of being a former colony of USA with more cultural affinity with the United States besides cheap labor and good infrastructure .Another factor that gives mileage to Philippines is the Americanized English of the locals compared to the Queen’s English in India. The ever increasing unemployment and the lure for the call centre jobs for the youth are distinct features favorable for the country.

The country offers immense scope for call centre outsourcing jobs in the backdrop of high unemployment of around 12.7%.The country that churns out around four lakh graduates every year has set up a call centre academy that imparts inputs for English proficiency and American culture for its educated youth. The highly competitive wage structure in the country and the linguistic and cultural bondage the country enjoys with the USA is all set to make rapid progress in the call center jobs in the days to come.

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