Philippines as a Global Hub in Animation Outsourcing

  • June 23, 2011
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With the increasing popularity of animation not only as an entertainment medium but as an advertising channel as well, the industry of animation outsourcing continues to grow has years go by. Despite being an old art of entertaining people, the global market finds animation still efficient in different aspects of our daily life, from television and movies to the Internet. Today’s more competitive business environment gives way for a new form of outsourcing, which is through animation.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has long been known for its talented workforce, from administering customer support to different forms of art, including animation. For many years, Filipino animators have been effective in the global market for animation. Many of them have done subcontracted works for famous animation companies like Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.

Now that animation outsourcing is exhibiting its wonderful spread in the global market, the Philippines is set to top dominating players in outsourcing like India and China. Recently, Toei Animation Company, the Japanese creator of popular cartoon series like Dragonball Z and Digimon, expressed its interest in extending their offshore outsourcing to the Philippines as the demand for Toei cartoon products rapidly grows. Toei Company has long been operating outsourcing processes in the Philippines. In fact, 38% of its 400 workers are employed in its fully-owned subsidiary in the country.

Traditionally, art directing is done in the home markets of the client companies while the service vendors provide the polishing. This includes pre-production and post-production services like clean-up, layouting and digital background production. However, Filipinos’ remarkable skills on coloring, camera works and special effects creation are being eyed by foreign firms who are interested in outsourcing such operations. Other services offered by competent service providers in the Philippines include digital ink and paint applications, flash animation and web design.

Another major factor on the country’s edge in animation outsourcing is its familiarity with both Japanese and Western animation. Philippines has long been airing Japanese cartoon series which are patronized by Filipino audience. Also, the past few years have given rise to the popularity of Western animated television programs in the Philippines. Western animated movies are also well accepted by the Filipino audience.

At present, 90 percent of animated shows in the US are produced and processed by Asian countries. While Japan dominates the rank in animation, Philippines’ strong capability in the outsourcing industry shows how the country can beat its Asian neighbors in the animation outsourcing industry.

Animation, together with call center service, software development, medical transcription and business process outsourcing, comprises the five outsourcing subsectors the government immensely endorses. Beyond doubt, the country’s animation outsourcing has strong potential in following the success of the call center industry in the Philippines. In the next years to come, the country could possibly be the global hub in animation outsourcing.



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