Philippines : An Outsourcing Focal Point

  • April 21, 2011
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By Michael S. Murillo

Outsourcing – an eleven-letter word that even Mr. Webster cannot define. How come that this simple word become one of the brightest spots in Philippine economy.

Mr. Google (known as Mr. Know-it-all) defines it in a simple but an effective way. He states that Outsourcing is the act of getting products or services from other countries for business purposes.

Aside from their famous athletes in boxing and billards, breath-taking natural resources, and beautiful women, Philippines is also known woldwide because of sending worldclass products and services through out the planet. Being the second-largest english-speaking country, there is no doubt that the Philippines become one of the most famous Outsourcing hub in the world.

Call center Outsourcing Competition is heating up internationally. But do you know that the competition exists even within the country? As of now, Philippines is with 20 call centers which offers outsourcing operations.

Among the Asian Nations, India and Philippines are rivals in terms of the business of Outsourcing. India seems to be the biggest threat on the rising status of the Philippines in the Outsourcing world. Talking about the popuplation of call center agents here and in India, agents in RP may be compared to a snow ball (10,000 agents) while agents in India is an iceberg (300,000 agents).

According to “A.T. Kearney 2005 Global Services Location Index,” the republic of the Philipines (5.78) ranked 4th. India (6.87), China (6.14) and Malaysia (6.07) are the top 3 Outsourcing countries. They based the study according to the countries’ Financial Structure, Business Environment, and People and Skills Availability.

If that is so, then why outsource in the Philippines?

Bear in mind that the population of call center agents is not the greatest factor to consider in the world of Outsourcing; It is the quality of service.

Philippines, being an American colony for 50 golden years has a Western-influenced culture. Pinoys have a very good demand of the Western Culture and English language. In addition, they also have strong customer orientation, they possess the values of hospitability, and compared to their other Asian neighbours, Philippines labour cost is considerably lower. Having the quality and professionalism of Philippines labour force for a cheap price is really a jackpot.

Try it for yourself.


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