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  • April 5, 2011
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During these past few years, the Philippines has now surpassed India in terms of being the top choice of destination for most offshore call centers serving the American market and with a very acceptable reason. The Philippines, still having the highest level of English proficiency compared to any neighboring country in Asia, are also by far the “easiest-to-understand” accent for most of those people whose first spoken language is English.

Still, many British establishments have still opted to choose India instead of the Philippines. Most Philippine-based call center companies are now gradually concentrating on the given opportunities coming from the United Kingdom. This is most especially true, the pound has strengthening to about 1.9 from 1.4 against the dollar, addressing British-based work more than a third much more effective. There is now what you can call a small but expanding number of British companies outsourcing their activities to the Philippines.
Thus, the competition no longer just comes from India. There has been a large number of other developing countries shifting on the outsourcing environment. However, in most of these countries, such as those located in Central and Eastern Europe, is seen to have English a weak third language and are oftentimes lacking in quality communication skills. As the real competition will eventually originate from Africa, most especially South Africa.

For as enduring as the Philippines maintains its competitive edge in English proficiency, the country is definitely a strong contender to reckon with, where British companies can establish their call centers. Since 2000, the peso has been devaluating from about 70 to approximately 100 to the pound, making it much more competitive. Just like most offshore locations, there are challenges to cope with.

Kinds of Outsourcing
Outsourcing is usually called the feeding or delegation of information to an external service provider and day-to-day supervision of a business process. The customer then acquires a service which performs a distinct business operation that suits customer’s overall business operations.

It has two principal types:

“Traditional” outsourcing. Employees of an enterprise discontinue to perform the same tasks over again to their company. Much better, operations are distinguished that need to be performed, and the workers are usually employed by the service provider. For instance, information technology outsourcing may comprehend a movement of duties and responsibilities for management of data centers and networks, including LAN, WAN, and telecommunications. Meanwhile in the department of facilities management, people working as property managers might become workers of a facilities management firm.

-Traditional outsourcing concentrated directly on the strategical privileges accumulated by changing a corresponding operation or process to a 3rd party provider that leveraged markets of such scale, technology, and/or labor arbitrage, reducing the costs of the operation or process. The goal was to do the things a little better, a little faster, and a little cheaper.

“Greenfield” outsourcing. The company transforms its business activities without such employment of personnel by its service provider. For instance, the enterprise might employ a startup company to supply new services, including wireless remote computing, that was not recently managed within the enterprise.

Outsourcing went to spearhead as a management tool about more than a decade ago in compliance to a driving need to make organizations achieve productivity, competitiveness and profit. Definitely it has become an efficient tool to reestablish the strategies and benefits of business in a financially possible and a much active manner.

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