Outsourcing Your IT Technical Support Campaign

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Outsourcing Your IT Technical Support Campaign

Most businesses consider outsourcing first
for one major reason—cost reduction. This is especially true if a business requires IT technical support. If IT technical support is a vital part of your business, then you have firsthand knowledge of how it can strangle a budget.

Annually, billions of dollars are spent on outsourcing. In fact, IT outsourcing has continually expanded for the past decade. Large and small companies are finding ways to benefit from outsourcing their tech support.

Yet, before your business joins the masses, it is best to understand how to set up your IT tech support outsourcing so that it can be as profitable and efficient as possible. In this blog, we will answer vital questions that should be asked before moving ahead with an outsourcing partner. Such questions include:

  • How to determine which outsourcing decisions are best for your business?
  • What items help to increase your chances of success?
  • What is involved in the oversight of an outsourcing partnership?

Careful consideration of the following information may assist you in avoiding outsourcing pitfalls that can cost you time and money.

Managing Your Outsourcing Partner

One common error that some businesses make is to disengage their outsourcing partner after the contract is active. Although some partners are more thorough than others are, all of them need to have continuous communication with your business. Remember it is a partnership. Problems will inevitably arise when clear direction and communication falters. Furthermore, any long-term plans will be severely affected.

TRY THIS: Furnish your outsourcing partner with details of your tech support expectations. Questions will arise, so forward extensive information that consumers will need to know. Set up definite channels of communication in your contract instead of leaving things to chance or assuming common sense. If you have multiple points of contact, make sure that all parties are actively communicating so that no communication gaps form. A few rules of thumb that several businesses have found helpful are:

  • Elect one person to be the diplomat of communication between your team and your IT technical support partner.
  • Have an immediate and long-term plan available for your team and your IT technical support partner. Review it frequently to track how you are meeting goals. Doing so will help you to be able ascertain any needed adjustments in making your campaign a success.
  • Conduct a Q & A session with your employees prior to contracting with an IT support provider. This firstmind the concerns and needs of your team during negotiations.
  • Make sure that your IT technical support partner is able to handle your firm’s most pressing needs and prioritize your helpdesk.
  • Anticipate misunderstandings and mistakes. Miscommunications occur at all levels of business; however, good businesses learn from these and improve communication lines and terms to avoid future problems.

Understanding & Hurdling Challenges

A common error that businesses that are new to outsourcing make is assuming that all of their tech support issues will be completely covered by your partner. Sometimes challenges will pop up from time to time. For instance, if an IT technical support team does not receive updated product information customer satisfaction could falter due to the oversight. On the other hand, a new type of virus could leech your product and cause a flurry of negative press.

Consequently, it is essential to understand the root of tech support problems. Doing so can help your business to formulate contingency plans that negotiate prominent business risks.

TRY THIS: Pass any contingency plans to your outsourced partner. This will help them to anticipate what to do in an emergency and can help to prevent negative customer feedback. It also saves time and energy in the event of a problem.

Choose Your Partner By Service, Capability & Price

Although the initial goal of outsourcing may be intimately connected to price, don’t let that be the only consideration when choosing your IT technical support partner. Service and capability are just as important as price. Remember, how your outsourcing partner handles your interaction with customers will have a significant effect on your brand. Would you really want to risk your business’s brand to a game of who is the lowest bidder? Sometimes the lowest bidder may be cutting costs in a way that will affect its ability to render good results. Asking questions about their capability and reviewing professional references will help decision makers to arrive at good conclusions.

Sometimes the best outsourcing partner will do things that compliment your staff. For example, a medium sized business that is struggling with effective internal communication may find it especially useful to collaborate with a highly communicative IT tech support group.

TRY THIS: Ask potential IT technical support partners the following questions:

  • What certifications and/or training does its staff have?
  • What systems/technologies does the company have in place to guarantee call success?
  • What scalability can the company grow to if the need arises?
  • Can a representative from your business visit the call center?
  • What are the protocols in case a natural disaster or other emergency occurs in the location of the call center?

Asking these and similar questions will help you to determine if the company is in accord with industry standards.


Acquiring the right IT technical support team for a special campaign or indefinitely for your business is a major decision. Obviously, one should be thorough about the process and carefully weigh the pros and cons. Talking with potential partners can help businesses to ascertain whether the outsource solution is a compatible fit. Once the hire is made, it is important to keep the right perspective of the situation. Businesses often find the most success when the view an outsourced venture as an extension of their operations. This builds confidence in both parties and fosters strong business ties. When this type of atmosphere exists, good communication is encouraged and goals are reached together.

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