Outsourcing: Points of Perspective

  • April 17, 2011
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Partnership motivation will still considered to be a significant concept regarding outsourcing research for the years to come, ac to the study; however, it has to be handed over from mixed views – the buyer and seller perspectives, together with the practitioner and academic views.
*This study is derived from the researcher’s combined background as a practitioner and also as an academic.

Moreover, the study classifies recent outsourcing research into three general perspectives. These are: strategy management, economic perspective and social perspective.

Strategy management. It deals with ways on how to formulate and implement a strategy to accomplish an intended goal. However, the concerned perspective does not assent to how to manage the relationship or the external scenario.

The economic perspective. It eventually defines each sourcing judgement as an unconstrained event. This theory was said to be seen as unseasonal as a result of not considering the parties’ responsibilities for future arrangements with each other.

The social perspective. It believes that the buyer and the seller will be notably working together over time. They need to show their trustworthiness and accept that their relationship is a changing process.

Approaching Mixed Research
The studies promote a model for future research, which is then derived from combining outsourcing research with some other essential topics. For example, it states that it would be good to combine outsourcing research and knowledge management research. It states researchers in IS outsourcing should not concentrate primarily on outsourcing research but should try to pair it with other essential IS topics. Not only that, they could also mix ERP system research with outsourcing research.

Global outsourcing has gained tremendous popularity for most companies. But then when there are many places to locate, we need to have some group support systems and negotiation systems. This can help supply much more comprehension for the situation of the provider and the business process. So definitely we could conduct studies combining outsourcing research and group support system research.

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