Outsourcing: Focus on the Philippines

  • April 16, 2011
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The Philippines prides a flourishing infrastructure, exceptional connectivity, superfluous power, a very strong cultural affinity with the US, and a large pool of talented workers.

Call Centers. Nearly 35,000 employees are working in an astounding 40 call centers all over the island nation. Approximately 80 percent of the labor is presently being outsourced from the US. Many of the world’s top corporations have built their own local operation, quoted as “captive centers”. However, they can also choose from many third-party service providers. Outbound calls usually include telemarketing, advisory services, credit collections and loyalty programs, while inbound calls are associated with requests, complaints, sales, billing, transcriptions and technical helpdesk.

Medical Data Transcription. Medical data transcription is gaining popularity as an opportunity in the Philippines having more than 22 medical transcription companies hiring 1,500, not to be surprised in a country that generates 30,000 medical professionals annually. It is reportedly supposed that the medical transcription industry will eventually go up from US$3 billion at present to US$12 billion over the following five to six years. Typical transcription services involve office visits, pathology reports, clinical notes, and consultations.

Software. There are approximately 300 software development houses located in the country that provide a wide variety of services that covers system design and analysis; application, middleware, and firmware development; testing and quality assurance; software maintenance; and software project management. The said IT companies supply software solutions to North America, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific particularly Australia in a wide array of industries and sectors that include telecom, banks, manufacturing, government and retail.

Animation. The animation industry has been present in the Philippines for more or less 20 years, and is getting more and more popularity being a high quality producer for numerous top entertainment companies. The animation BPO industry in the Philippines still maintains its cost competitiveness, with prices as low as 15-30 percent of those in the US. Offering processes cover digital scanning and character design to layout and storyboard. Moreover, there are 24 animation companies that are composed of direct export service providers, indirect export service providers and domestic service providers that is now working for clients located in the US, Australia, Korea, Canada and Japan..

Transactional Processing. The Philippines is also said to be one of the leading destinations for transactional processing having considerable key corporations offering services including finance, payroll processing, corporate accounting, HR, IT and internal audit, inventory processing, programming work and card balance inquiries.


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