Outsourcing Destinations as New Centers of Technology

  • April 24, 2011
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Outsourcing has established its significance in the global market over the past years. Lower cost of operations, specialization in various fileds and development of global relations are just among the few advantages it conveys that we often read in business magazines and sites promoting outsourcing. Perhaps most business professionals think they have known all the advantages brought by outsourcing, but not until they are reminded of how outsourcing also promotes rapid spread of technology, specially to third-world countries which are top destinations for offshore outsourcing.

India and Philippines currently leads the global outsourcing market, particularly in the field of business process outsourcing. These two countries have long been known for their highly skilled labor pool. Although India and Philippines have minimal access to new innovations in technology which continues to move in a state of flux, its workforce are equipped with knowledge about these quick developments. And with the noticeable expansion of outsouricng industries in these countries, these third-world countries are fastly catching up with Western countries when it comes to technology.

Just recently, India and China, another top player in the global outsourcing market, expressed their persistency in pioneering renewable energy use in the next years to come. These populous countries are often condemned as the cause for different environmental problems the world currently faces. But if their plan of using renewable energy will come to reality, such accusations may be erased. However, the subject of debate for this issue is on how these countries gain access to such ambitious technology.

Analysts around the world believe that this is because of the fast-growing outsourcing industries in these countries. Through outsourcing, offshore outsourcing destinations are not only provided with jobs but also equipped with the cutting edge technology. Outsourcing, according to them, propagates technology around the world. It enables third-world countries to acquire the latest technology. Outsourcing firms thus serves as their window in viewing and gaining knowledge about new developments in technology currently enjoyed by first-world countries.

Likewise, outsourcing focuses companies on their major business goals, since the difficult segments if their business functions are handled by a third party. Outsourcer companies also get to share risks with the outsourced firms. Furthermore, outsourcing helps promote globalization because it enable companies to gain access to world-class capabilities.
Much more to that, while first-world countries focus on boosting their economy and campaigning against terrorism, these third-world countries can focus in finding new ways toward new advancements in technology. With their skilled, highly competent labor pool, governments of these countries shall reinforce promotion and awareness of the latest innovations brought by the outsourcing industry. Guided in the right path, it is no doubt that offshore destinations can soon be global centers for new technology.

In this period where the global economy is gaining success over the past years, outsourcing can truly help struggling nations excel in research and technology. Hence, if these struggling nations can be able to levitate in the field of scientific research through outsourcing, the distinction between rich and poor nations are likely to diminish. In that case, the world can be a better place for the future generations to come.


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