• April 30, 2011
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Have you heard of outsourcing? Maybe you still haven’t if you’re outside the business world, but if you are in it and still unaware, where have you been all this time?

Well here’s a crash course about it. Outsourcing is the process of transferring some functions of an organization to third parties. In simpler statements, outsourcing occurs when a company cannot handle the back work of dealing with other tasks than their core responsibilities, that they opt to just hire a an outside company in another country where labor is cheaper to help them in the area.

Outsourcing began around1940’s, but it was mainly focused in the US textile industry. During 1970’s, its scope widened and focused more in giving service to computer companies dealing with payrolls. in the later 1980’s, its expansion included accounting services, payroll, billing and word processing all became outsourced work.

At present times, Outsourcing is one of the leading industries and continually taking part in the market. Aside from the accounting assistance which it offered to companies before, now it also covers tasks such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Facilities and Real Estate Management and Accounting, Outsourced Customer Support or Call Center functions.

It emerged as a potentially powerful force in transforming global economies back in good shape. While technology gave way to more productivity and advancement. With Information Technology at its peak, outsourcing companies cannot help but propose a new way every now and then to serve their clients they cater from all over the world.

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