Outbound Progressive & Predictive Dialing Software

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By Steven Lambert

Outbound progressive & Predictive dialing software is the equipment used by a call center to automatically phone a list of names. These can be potential customers who have expressed an interest in doing business with that company through a survey.

Years ago, a company would employ a small army of staff to laboriously ring all the people on a list, to gain a series of results. True to say, this luxury was only available to the large companies. But now, with Outsourced Call centers, even small companies can call upon this service.

The biggest problem the staff would face, was the fact that most of the calls were never answered, or they got through to an answering machine. But a Predictive dialer can screen out any unwanted calls, to simply track down the ones where people are responding. The saving in time and money here, is so vast, that no Call center can now do without it.

Database companies will carry out a certain amount of housekeeping upon their information. An important part of this, is to screen out disconnected or dead phone numbers. If they want to sell that data as up to date and relevant to modern business, then they have to guarantee the numbers are active and responsive. The most important aspect of this is service follow-ups. Where a marketing company will be hard pressed not to lose a good customer, who could provide valuable sales in the future?

Many times a predictive caller will simply deliver a recorded message to the customer. But the customer will have been picked due to their history in the service being provided. Many times these can be competitions, where the Predictive dialer knows they are on the list because they have expressed an interest in competitions in the past, and have given their consent to receive the call.

A Predictive Dialer will work in conjunction with a Progressive one. One can call up a number, but only a Progressive Dialer can lock onto the call and follow it up with a message, once it is established the customer is actually there.

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