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Global Sky’s inbound call center offers your company the resources you need to make your marketing program succeed. We handle inbound and outbound calls just as effectively for our mid and small-sized clients as well as for our Fortune 500 clients. From one of the world’s best auction companies to a top software maker, serious businesses trust Global Sky. If a major US laboratory can trust us with their 100% HIPPA Compliant critical data (which means lives are at stake), you can trust us to handle your data carefully and securely.

Here’s another success story:

A consultant for a large US Health certification company contacted Global Sky to handle their customer service. They had never done this before and they weren’t sure how the process would work. Global Sky was able to talk the client through the planning process and within 14 days the client had produced a 70-page manual for Global Sky agents to train on. Within another 14 days, the agents were trained and ready to take on mock calls. After the company approved the agents to take on live calls, the company experienced a significant reduction of calls at their main office and a cost savings of more than 50% over their in-house environment.

Started in 2004, Global Sky is a small company that seeks to operate on higher margins instead of volume. We are interested in clients who are seeking to maintain a long-term relationship with a quality provider. So many outsourced call centers are merely cheap outsourcing vendors. At Global Sky, we pride ourselves on attracting quality clients and keeping them.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, our agents in the Philippines are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. Why did we choose to locate our inbound call center in the Philippines? Filipino culture has been heavily influenced by Western culture. 72% of the population speaks English as a second language. Nearly all our agents have a college-level education. Believe it or not, customer service and call center careers are highly sought out among the Filipino people. Some of the best sales representatives in the country can be found working in call centers.

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You will never worry about customers becoming frustrated during a poor quality conversation on our high quality communication lines. The new advancements in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology transmits at less than 200 ms, the same quality you would have on a traditional line phone. Voice quality is so clear you’ll swear our agents are in the next room. We also have an in-house PBX system for handling and routing calls in our inbound call center.

With our advanced technology and unparalleled service, you will be able to monitor your program remotely just as well as you would if it were running in your own office. You will have access to advanced software, charts, graphs, and will be able to monitor conversations. So, you’ll have the ability to improve the quality of your team’s performance as the campaign progresses.

We at Global Sky understand that you’re spending valuable marketing money on your service program. We’ll customize campaigns to meet your needs. You control the selection of agents, perform mock calls and approve their performance before your program goes live. We even offer accent training for our agents in order to make your program the most effective.

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Global Sky is growing. We’re constantly searching for and adding the right clients to our inbound call center service. Your cost to begin a program will depend upon the number of seats your company will be running, the hours they will be running, and the specific requirements of the agents. Average price tends to be between $10 and $14 per hour. Remember, this is not just a labor cost, but includes all of Global Sky’s unparalleled services. Onshore, the same service could cost you anywhere between $20 and $50 an hour. That’s equivalent to saving around $600,000 or more for a 25-seat customer service operation!

At Global Sky, we pride ourselves on delivering more than you pay for. We’ll even offer to run a trial campaign with you. If you’re serious about developing a long-term relationship with a quality service provider, visit our contacts page or get a quick quote using the quick quote box at the left side of this web page. You’ll be glad you did.

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