Orient’s Pearl; A Hub for Outsourcing

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In our growing global economy, Human Resource Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing are parts of an emerging trend of outsourcing business functions.

If you are not good on one thing, why not outsource it?

In HR Outsourcing, there is a so-called “a la carte,” which means you can pick for yourself the human resources you want. This gives the power to the customer on what kind of Human Resources they prefer. There is also a term called “all-or-nothing” which literally means letting them handle all of your company’s HR functions, on the other hand, none at all. Customers can also choose from what country the human resources will come from.
Philippines is known as one of the hubs of outsourcing through out the planet. “Offshore destination of choice by global companies looking for their backroom,” the trademark given by the Gartner Group to the Pearl of the Orient, and according to the Philippine IT competitiveness review, the said country is one of the most promising, rising and important offshore player.

India, China, and Malaysia should not be confident about their present status. Those countries are the 3 champions in outsourcing operations. Studies of BPO firm based in the US proved that BPO Philippines would give India tough competition in offshore outsourcing operations in the coming years.

Avinash Vashita, the managing director of NeoIT mentioned in a seminar, “Scaling up BPO Operations” at Kolkata (Infocom 2003) that BPO Philippines (and BPO China) can provide high quality of outsourcing but with an affordably low cost.

Let us compare those countries. Talking about the proficiency and fluency in english of both countries, Philippines is definitely better in English because for almost half a milenium, the U.S. colonized this said country making them familiar and comfortable speaking english languge. In addition, there is no doubt that Filipinos can be considered as high-caliber IT professionals. Philippines produces more and more IT professionals (and computer science major) every year.

Being a part of DDC Group of Companies (a privately held portfolio of companies) and being a leader in providing human capital BPO solutions, “DDC HRO” (www.ddchro.com) expects much to the Philippines compared to their other Asian neighbors because of the blowing numbers business opportunities for business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines.
After reading this article, there is no reason for you not to outsource at the Orient’s Pearl?


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