Technical Support Outsourcing

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Technical Support Outsourcing

The selection of the service provider – Monitoring of the service and training needs-

The terminology ‘technical support’ defines and includes various after sales assistance whether it is a computer hard ware, software or electrical or mechanical consumer goods. The success of any products and acceptability in the market is usually in direct proportion to the after sales service or technical support extended by the manufacturer.
The technical support is normally extended to the consumers by various methods or channels like E-mail, faxes, live chats, telephones etc. It is up to the manufacturer to ensure the optimum and effective use of this support for their products.

As the technical support is the backbone of any manufacturing industry no company can afford to take the technical support service for granted. The service buyer has to follow certain precautions for the outsourcing to be effective and paying. The service provider needs to have proven records of satisfactory service history in the relevant field and proper references may have to be insisted upon before the contract is granted.

Technical support outsourcing demands comprehensive, systematic and continuous training program for the representatives of the service providers. It would be customary to devise questionnaires, feed back forms and suggestion forms by mutual consultations and discussions in order to ensure a concurrent feed back on the efficiency and satisfying service of the outsourcing company.

Frequent interaction and communication between the company and the service provider is the key to success in the business of technical support outsourcing.

The outsourcing company should continuously strive to keep abreast with the developments in the field and the modifications in the products to keep the customers satisfied and to see that their confidence in the product is sustained. In this era of off shoring, one has to be selective in picking up the country and the outsourcing firm so as to avoid large gaps in the service expectations of the customers and the service rendered by the outsourcing firms.

The ultimate success of the business of technical support outsourcing lies in the competence of the outsourcing company to rise to the expectations of the service buyer and also its ability to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of the modern consumers who are always on the look out for better products and services.

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