Culture Affinity: Is it necessary in Business Process Outsourcing?

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Culture Affinity

Yes, culture affinity is a strong factor considered by transnational companies in choosing a location or a third party offshore as it best upsurge their capability in achieving the same or better quality results they can have in their own country. An added advantage is that companies can increase their income by outsourcing some functions because of low cost services offered by other countries . India and the Philippines are the two leading offshore destinations in Asia as of now due to the strong workforce they produce and the quality of staff they have.

Another reason for cultural affinity being a vital factor is that, customers won’t find hard to relate if the people they are talking to are very familiar with their ways and needs like specifically Americans who are the biggest part of clientele by outsourcing companies in the Philippines. As what was carved on the pages of the Philippine history, the country has been under the ruling of the Americans for quite a long period. With this, Filipinos have learned and acquired the way western people live, think, work and talk. Because of these clear facts, American companies are more comfortable with the Philippines than other countries and is the best choice among all others in terms of English proficiency, attitude towards work and of course, close cultural affinity. That is why they believe that with that Filipinos could confidently deal with the transnational clients which mostly are Americans.

Another good example is the Indians’ close cultural affinity with the British people. With which, their strongest deals are with British companies. During the long existence of British occupation in their land, they were exposed to Britain’s culture and infrastructure that is why Indians have a very well-built and strong infrastructure.

In outsourcing, having groups from several areas working for a common goal is a crucial thing. Working with several teams from numerous countries means communication does not only take place on an individual level but on a CULTURAL level as well. In the outsourcing industry, culture bolster involvement more seriously than simple difference in verbal communication or time zone. Culture is considered a vast and critical factor to be contemplated by transnational outsourcers because it is something no software or anything can absolutely address.

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