Filipinos Call Centers


Filipinos Call Centers

Here are some key points involving the competitiveness of two great outsourcing nations (probably just next to India) when it comes to Call Centers – Canada and the Philippines.

-In terms of rates, the Philippines has it over Canada. Because the nation has definitely low money value, while the Canadian dollar is much closer to that of the US dollar.

-Culturewise, Canada has the edge, though Filipinos are also into Westernized culture. Though we know that it is a bit uncertain because it depends on the client’s location.

-Having an educational degree (probably 3-4 years) is definitely a prerequisite in the Philippines. Canada, on the other hand, doesn’t have those rules of earning such a degree, as they hire workers in a call center right away.

-Flexibilty is a sure thing, as any offshore client can provide any company 24/7 services.

-Innovatively speaking, the word mainly relies on the growing complexity and the job description. For example, a voice-natured process needs much more convincing talking.

Filipinos in call centers are now being backed up by adventurous Americans that establish companies in the country. In Canada, however, it isn’t much of a problem, as Canadians are comparably equals with Americans, being veterans as well in the BPO business.

-When it comes to handling client communication, Canada has a gradually increasing posiiblity compared to Filipinos, which are still in need of management from American people.

Generally speaking, it definitely depends on the client on whether they really provide good services and what location they are comfortable to work with. It should be quality versus quantity.

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