Call Centers in the Philippines

Call Center in the Philippines

Call Center in the Philippines

By Steven Lambert ”

The call centers in the Philippines can reply on a highly educated population, that are in big demand for skills across the globe. But the Philippine government has realized this and launched an education program to turn things around.

The call center Industry in the Philippines drew up a Benchmarking Study, by the company: 3 years ago, and found some startling facts. There are over 200 call centers in the Philippine, operated by over 150 companies. Most of the working population are women, taking up 20,000 call center seats, but this true figure for employment is twice this. This brings in around $260 million to the outsourcing market. This is a very young market, with most of the new companies being set up in resent years. However most annalists agree that this market will more than double in the next few years.

Am education center was set up in Cebu to cater for the growing need to bring education standards for call centers in the Philippines up to world levels. There were some problems in the early days, as it is difficult to motivate a country that has only been looked upon in the past, as an exploited labor force.

The Clark Aerotropis was once known as the largest US air base in the region. When it was handed back in 1991, business was not slow to utilize the potential of this huge and valuable resource. The best know transport company to use this site was the US firm UPS. With excellent transport links to the rest of the world, this is where the call centers in the Philippines are choosing to set up their base.

Like many countries around the world that want to embrace the commercial revolution, one of the best ways of encouraging them, is to offer incentives on tax rates.

Call centers in the Philippines are offered 5% on the tax rate for all equipment.

This has caught the eye of even Japan, who are pouring in over $9 million to set up call centers in the Philippines.

By far the biggest catch for the country, is the fact that AOL have even set up call centers in the Philippines. With a company as big as this, there can be little doubt as to the driving intentions of the market.

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