Call center standards in the Philippines . . . is it deteriorating?



By Roy Jonathan del Rosario

“The difference between good, better and best is justified by the unlike quality and worthiness of the work done.” Philippines is known globally as one of the second largest-speaking nations in the world. Yes, you’ve heard it right, not the ‘only’ but ‘one of’.

There is the strong contender for the title which is India who is currently leading the race in terms of the number of workforce it produces in the outsourcing biz. The only difference we possess, I guess, is that we are more proficient with the English language.

We also have the closest alignment with the western culture since we have been under the American ruling for quite a long time in the past years. We have also acquired the accent of various nations as proven by Filipinos’ great passion in impersonation and practice of imitation that is why we don’t need accent neutralization as it is being practiced by Indians.

During the call center industry’s break through several years back, the agents that are being hired were college graduates and were among the finest speakers in the country. But sad to tell, the industry has been saturated with less-competent and under graduates which have no as much experiences in the field as the pioneers have.

It is proven that Filipinos speak the western language well, but the supply of prospective excellent call center agents is lesser than the demand’s necessity. Due to the saturation of less-competitive agents in the industry, the transnational companies are now beginning to open up their centers in various provinces in the country.

It is apparent in the present day situation that the pioneers of the industry are frustrated in giving their best to upraise the benchmark and to assure agents’ persistent training in the field of outsourcing.

The scarcity of enthusiasm and well-understanding of the call center industry and the slow development of ramps have been a great hindrance to maintain and meet customer expectations.

With this realization, it should be a call up to call center managers to create a strong edifice for all the accounts being raised, make continuous trainings to the agents for them to be the best they can be and most importantly, employ better English speakers not just because they can speak good English but because they are a good conversationalist as well which means they can deal with clients in a very pleasing manner.

The best way to succeed in this industry is not just to fill the tiers completely but to engage with workers who have met the standard of an excellent call center agent.


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