Call Center: A Deeper Glimpse to It

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Call Centers

By Chiena Bondoc

In the business of outsourcing, call center is the one mostly credited. Primarily, it is because it makes up the largest part of outsourcing services.

But what actually is a call center? A call center is an office where a company’s inbound calls are received, or outbound calls are made. They are progressively more popular in the society today, where many corporations have unified customer service and support functions. Call centers provide work for many staff in customer service, sales and support functions.

Commonly, call centers are large offices staffed with representatives. These representatives are those who either make or receive phone calls. A single office could be operated anywhere with a few dozen to hundreds of telephone staff depending on the size of the call center. Depending on what the company needs, call centers can make either incoming or outgoing calls. Some call centers gives focus on answering inbound calls. While other call centers focus on outbound calls.

A number of advantages to companies can be provided by call centers. By means of unifying telephone-based service and support in one location, companies can easily adjust staffing to fit call volume. Call centers can be situated almost anywhere, allowing companies to take advantage of time zones and more low-cost labor rates in different states and countries. Also, call centers consolidate the technology needs of companies, allocating major telecommunications setups to be installed in a small handful of call centers instead of a number of smaller offices, thus making upgrades and training easier to achieve.

Numerous call centers make use of a number of various technologies to alleviate performance and customer service. There are types of calls which are usually subdivided into inbound and outbound calls. Automatic call distribution is often used by inbound call centers. In this kind of technology, incoming calls are appointed to representatives on the order they are received. Other call centers use call monitoring, wherein customer calls are randomly monitored by quality assurance staff to ensure that phone representatives meet customer needs. Call center technology evolves constantly, helping call center staff assist customers more competently and successfully.

As outsourcing grows, call centers become more recognized and appreciated. As a result, many companies will be benefited for they will be able to lower their costs and be able to focus on their competencies.


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