Medicare Outsourcing: An Emerging Industry Out of the Outsourcing Trend

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Medicine and modernization have always been associated with each other. It is common knowledge how modernization has gave rise to new leading edge medical facilities, intended for more accuracy and precision in determining one’s health. The modern world also paved way for significant medical concepts and brilliant ideas that are helpful for today’s complex society harsh for man’s survival. Yet, who would have thought that modernization in the business circuit could encourage dynamic improvements in the field of medicine?

Outsourcing has long been part of the business circuit. But mixed with modernization and greater global connection, it was found as a useful tool in managing medicine-related jobs which can hardly be accommodated by many hospitals. Medical outsourcing, often referred to as medicare outsourcing, considered as the most promising area of outsourcing, has proven its worth in certain hospital functions like transcription preparation of the treatment records of patients and radiological service to figure out magnetic resonance images.

The vast expansion of medical outsourcing caused service providers to widen their array of capabilities, making way for more complicated tasks like sending patients to another country for treatment. Just recently, United Kingdom came up to the decision of sending urine and blood samples to a laboratory in Mumbai, India for pathology tests. This action which was found effective in cutting costs, gave rise to medicare outsourcing which is not limited to data entry only. It gave birth to the important role of medicare outsourcing in biological research as well.

At present, most companies who engage themselves in medicare outsourcing hand over a variety of hospital tasks. These include medical transcription which covers preparation of discharge summaries, operative and medical reports and rehabilitation and chart notes. Service providers are able to accomplish these tasks using modern facilities and software. Most outsourcing vendors offer 24-hour operations with about 98% accuracy.

Outsourced employees who perform these jobs are often trained consistently by both the client companies and the service providing firms. Also, some countries with growing medicare outsourcing industry have included medicare outsourcing-related subjects like medical transcription in medical courses to further polish their workforce of skilled medicare outsourced employees. These countries include Philippines which is also a global leader in call center outsourcing.

The growing industry of outsourcing has truly paved way for more technological advances, allowing service providers to offer a broad range of functions. These functions have destroyed the walls limiting outsourcing to business operations only. Indeed, it has invaded many scientific fields like biotechnology, bioinformatics and the one seen with most potential of rapid growth, medicare. Hence, such impressive expansion of outsourcing in different fields means more jobs to the unemployed and more opportunity for many countries to achieve economic growth.



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