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  • April 19, 2011
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In early 2006 news reports announced the in England a group of men, men who had agreed to participate in a clinical trial, had become gravely ill. This news came on the heels of 2005 reports about how drug companies had been slow to reveal the side effects experience by patients taking certain new drugs. Both incidents underline the value of market research surveys outsourcing.

To begin with, market research surveys outsourcing directs all information to a third party. If a patient indicates on a survey that he or she has experienced certain side effects, the drug company concerned cannot simply hide that fact in its files. The information has passed through he wires of the Internet. The company that does the surveys via an outsourcing contract has received that information.

Although information from surveys is not in most cases freely shown to outsiders by outsourcing providers, each provider could be considered under a moral obligation to hand-over any information it had obtained while doing the outsourcing services. That would be particularly true in cases where such information might give evidence of criminal behavior.

In other words, if the use of market research survey outsourcing leads to the discover of important information about newly discovered drugs, drugs recently put on the market, then the public stands a stronger chance of learning about that information at an earlier date. The drug company has less ability to hide such information from the public.

Drug companies have a tendency to keep their information secret. At many drug companies temporary employees are asked not to attend certain meetings and certain poster sessions. These secretive practices could not be carried over into the relationship between the drug firm and the company collecting the data from the market research surveys. Therefore, the outsourcing of that task could prove a great benefit to the general public.

The public must be reminded of the fact that just because a caller has an accent, there is no reason to assume a threat from telephone calls made by an outsourcing service. The public stands to benefit from market research surveys outsourcing.

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