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By Steven Lambert

With the growth of world-wide communication and the flow of data, people find that when they come up against a problem, it often defeats them. Help-desks in call centers can go along way to helping with these problems, but they cannot solve them on their own.

On the Internet, in many cases, if you run up against a problem, you will be faced with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. Sadly this does not always solve your problem, and a human voice is need, somewhere down the line.

Many of the larger companies have risen to the challenge and included phone lines with their services. If these are situated off-shore, or in a third world country, the price of the call can be very expensive. So to help with this, they have made many of the calls, toll-free.

Self-service systems can fill many of the caps, but there will always be a need for a large pool of human beings on the other end of the phone. Emergency services cannot cope with automated responses, as people often panic in a crisis, and there needs to be another person at the other end, to calm things down.

Shopping carts are appearing on web sites more and more. But it is feared three quarters of all shopping carts are abandoned or wiped, long before the customer leaves the site. This can be for several reasons. They may be too complicated, and the customer has difficulty understanding what the site wants them to do. But this is always overshadowed by the complex relationship with payment methods.

The Internet has made great strides in the past few years to calm people’s fears over on-line fraud. It was seen as a faceless fraud, where money was handed over to strangers. Live Chat Outsourcing sites can narrow the gap.

Customers will feel more confident if they can talk to a person on the other end of the line. They will express many of their fears and apprehensions over exchanging credit details, with another person. If this fills them with confidence, there is more chance they will close the purchase. If a web site cannot prove there is a human operator at the other end, customers will feel there is nothing they can do once things go wrong.

Not everyone who surfs the web is an expert, and simple mistakes can take place. It is only a human operator than can untangle the web, which builds up with complex problems. Customers want the same feeling of safety they would get in they walked into a physical store.

Of course the difference here is, that people are accessing the web 24/7, and customers can be on the other side of the world. Live chat outsourcing can help deliver confidence in your company if you want to expand.

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