7 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer support outsourcing

Customer support outsourcing

Customer support outsourcing services can be cost-effective, but it can also cause valuable loss if you choose the wrong outsourcing company. Outsourcing is an asset for companies to the extent that it can gain competence in areas where the company doesn’t necessarily focus on, such as patient receivables. Customer support outsourcing services relieve you from the extra work of supervision and training, which lets you devote more time and attention to the main goal – giving customers satisfaction.

Outsourcing is a headline on both ends of the phone – customer and company. And both ends each have their motivation to either hesitate or celebrate. Without a doubt, outsourcing can be inviting if you are looking to expand your customer interaction; however, it can be nerve-wracking knowing that it needs companies to give up some control over the distribution of service. On the other hand, customer support outsourcing can provide more available call center agents from the consumer’s perspective, leading to more misunderstandings and discouragement.

Before investing in customer support outsourcing, you must reassess the answers to the questions below to understand what the investment is for and what it is truly about:


What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is when a company collaborates with a service provider to manage their call center. This process is often used to refer to offshore outsourcing, and the external service providers can be based anywhere worldwide. Companies can outsource a part of their call center operations such as sales, customer service, market, etc. In most situations, companies hand most of the control over to the external provider, allowing them to have the power to manage everyday operations such as keeping call center software, hiring, and training agents.

Taking into account call centers as an essential aspect of the customer experience is something a company must consider regardless of its goals. Outsourcing your customer support can influence and impact your customers, both potential and returning.


What are the Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing?

Absorbing the cost of hiring, software maintenance, and other operations are a few of the primary benefits of outsourcing. Call center outsourcing can also manage around-the-clock services since offshore service providers operate in different time zones.


What are the Main Disadvantages of Customer Support Outsourcing?

Decreasing the chances of customer satisfaction if call center agents fail to connect and interact with their customers is one of the most significant disadvantages of customer support outsourcing. Furthermore, from the company’s perspective, they often feel that they are no longer in control, deterring the acquisition of their power over call center decisions, brand representation, and company knowledge.


What are the Other Options When It Comes to Call Center Philippines Outsourcing?

There are many options available in call center Philippines outsourcing. One is, you can opt not to invest in outsourcing since outsourcing is not a mandatory practice. Two is, you can collaborate with local outsourcing services that are within your reach. Although offshore outsourcing sounds like a better idea, local outsourcing is still a competitive option you can think out. And lastly, if you are unsure whether or not to take the leap, you can outsource a few aspects of your call center. Instead of assuming that call center outsourcing is creating a remote and traditional on-premise answer, consider that better technologies are continuously being developed. Those advancements will allow you to retain control and ownership over your call center solution, regardless of where your agents are.

If you wish to finally leap, below are questions you can ask your potential external service provider to ensure that you are choosing the right company to collaborate with within the long run:


How Do You Measure Performance?

For a successful partnership with your external service provider, it is crucial to measure success by providing clear metrics that shows transparency and lay out developments and areas for improvement. A company that is willing to allocate time to assist you through a point-by-point plan to create more engagement and finish calls with happy customers is worth the dollar investment. Ensure a log-in area where you can view the performance metrics, analysis, and monthly reporting of how the company serves your customers.


Can You Tell Us More About Your Technology?

Outdated call center tools and software can cause more problems on the customer’s end. Ensure that the call center provider names their instruments, software, communication lines strength, etc., as you weigh which company you like to handle your customer support. Remember that dropped calls can lead to upsetting tweets that can immediately amplify across other social media platforms, dragging your brand down in the process.


How Secure Is Your Data?

Your external provider’s outdated security is responsible in case of thefts, but that shortcoming doesn’t mean your company is granted a free pass. You will still be held accountable. Data breaches can lead to headlines on major TV networks and numerous lawsuits from affected customers. Ask your prospect call center regarding their security measures and make them explain these safeguards in detail. Also, ensure that your data are protected across their network – outbound and inbound – as well as a storage site.

Outsourcing your customer support or inbound services are indeed a leap, a decision that means you care about the service experience that your clients and customer receive.


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