• September 17, 2011
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There are almost billions and billions of words you can read on the net regarding the topic “Telesales,” let me add another 400 words that topic. Very short compared to other articles but surely an interesting one.

What if call centers already existed during the stone age?

The era when barbarian and uncivilized men ruled the world, the period when men and women used leaf as body coverings, and the time when homo sapiens lived like squirrels on the tree. Aside from their own language (if there’s any), one way for them to communicate was through smoke signals; “Guten Morgen Senior, you can have a pair of mammoths tooth if you will give me an ivory”
Another smoke signal appear writing this words in the air: “Give me the whole mammoth and in return, i will offer you the biggest elephant you had ever seen.”

Being serious, Annapolis in Maryland gave birth to Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI) because they realized that their call centers should be upgraded or developed. ICMI plays a big role on the evolution of the industry of call centers. Because of ICMI, the world experienced the first ever seminar on incoming call center management and the very first conference on call center bacame possible. ICMI didnt stop researching until they found, learned, practiced, and perfected performance improvement solutions that is now used by modern-day call centers.

1987, the year when ICMI made a mark in the blowing world of call centers. Founded on this year is the industry’s first ever publication focused on call center management, the “Service Level Newsletter now known as the Call Center Management Review.

The year was 1989 when the ICMI together one of their partners, Angus Telemanagement, Toronto witnessed the great great grandfather of the conferences on Incoming Call Center Management. Seven years after, Gunter Greff let the Germans see and experience ICMI seminars.

Again, Angus Telemangement and ICMI joined forces to deliver the first seminar that is based on Internet-enabled call centers.

ICMI did not stop there, in partnership with the American Express they bring to existence the the complete two-day call center management seminar. It is the first of its kind. Delivering this seminar via live, interactive satelite, they got appreciations from different individuals in the industry of call centers.

Aside from that, many other “firsts” in the history of call centers were made possible by ICMI.

Now that you finished reading this article and learning the activities that marked the beginning of call centers… do you prefer to be a barbarian and use smoke signals?


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